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Airbag Textiles


Indorama Ventures Mobility Krumbach produced the “fabric for life insurance on the road” before airbags were regulated by law in the US and even before the first German car was equipped with an airbag. The continuous development of airbag textiles and its adjustment to highest technical standards have made us one of the sought-after partners of the automotive industry. Indorama Ventures Mobility Krumbach uses all commercially available yarn titers from 110 to 940 dtex in various constructions up to a width of 250 cm with a weight of 100 to 500 g/m². Our fabrics meet a variety of technical requirements and may be coated with various substrates.

Precision of production process and permanent control provide for top quality. The process control for all fields of work enables a comprehensive traceability as well as an IT secured documentation.

Test (left)

Side test (right)

Test (right)

Side test (front)

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Contact Us
Indorama Ventures Mobility Krumbach GmbH & Co. KG
Textilstraße 2
86381 Krumbach, Germany

Telefon +49 (0) 82 82 - 8 97-0
Telefax +49 (0) 82 82 - 8 97-100

UTT is part of the Indorama Ventures Mobility Group – Fibers division

Destination for GPS
For cars: Am Johannisbrunnen, 86381 Krumbach
For trucks: Textilstraße (by Hans-Lingl-Straße), 86381 Krumbach

Please follow the road until you reach the company
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