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Our Commitment To The Individual And Arts


On February 1, 2015, the „Medical Point Krumbach“ was opened in Jabal Wastani not far from Aleppo in Syria. Indorama Ventures Mobility Krumbach supports the Syrian engineer and long-term business partner, Dr. Adnan Wahoud, (Lindauer Dornier). Including the “Medical Point Krumbach” Dr. Wahoud has already established six medical points in Syria.

For more than ten surrounding villages with approximately 20,000 residents the „Medical Point Krumbach“ is the only available point of contact offering medical support. The next medical service center lies 20 km away. Every day approximately 40 – 60 people, more than half of them children, are cared for and treated with medicine for free.

Indorama Ventures Mobility Krumbach has successfully supported the “Medical Point Krumbach” not only with numerous donations but also with a clothing drive collecting winter clothes and toys for the suffering population in Syria. Thanks to this project every donation is received by the needy directly.

For years it has been Indorama Ventures Mobility Krumbach’s concern to care for children, for people in need and welfare services. Management and staff have helped with substantial donations
to the local nursery school, day nursery, hospice for children, fire brigade, hospital
to the victims of the tsunami on the coast of the Indian Ocean and also to the earthquake victims in Haiti.

Apart from the traditional range of applications Indorama Ventures Mobility Krumbach’s technical textiles have an “everlasting” value.

Since the year 2000 artists using our fabric have made their contributions for national and international exhibitions, one of them Gabriela Nasfeter. No matter which art event you mention, „Lichtschächte“ in the coal mine „Zollern“, „Zwischenraum“ on the former border in Berlin or the mobile installation „Lichtpyramide“: The viewer will always have the possibility to join the journey through time -past-present-future- by means of these largely designed but at the same time delicate materials.

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