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Ursberg / Krumbach – 23July, 2020 – The company Indorama Ventures Mobility Krumbach Technische Textilien GmbH & Co KG in Krumbach, a subsidiary of Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited, is supporting the Dominikus-Ringeisen-Werk (DRW) with 5.000 Euros. The money will be used to finance balcony concerts and other performances by artists in front of the dormitories. “These concerts are a welcome change and a great pleasure for people with disabilities during the Corona period,” says board member Josef Liebl. Since the corona-related lockdown, many people have volunteered to give an entertaining delight through music, theater or cabaret outdoors to people who could not leave their dormitories. “With the donation, now we can also pay artists an allowance who live on it, but had to cancel many commitments because of the pandemic,” says Josef Liebl.

Indorama Ventures Mobility Krumbach already has a special relationship with the Dominikus Ringeisen Werk: the company is not only a customer in a workshop for disabled people in Ursberg. A young man with a handicap has found a so-called outsourced WfbM job directly at Indorama Ventures Mobility Krumbach. The fact that they now donated specifically for artistic performances during the Corona period followed the company’s desire to do something for the artists who were affected by Corona. “Both sides benefit from this: people with disabilities and professional artists,” said managing director Venere Polito at the check handover in Ursberg.

The exceptional situation continues

The Corona period has caused drastic changes in everyday life for people with disabilities. Exit restrictions and visiting bans have been in effect since March and are only slowly being released. The exceptional situation in homes, workshops and support facilities still applies today. For the residents of the facilities, this means staying in their own four walls for months. In the early days of the pandemic this situation could often only be interrupted by short walks. With open-air events and balcony concerts, the DRW has made a virtue of necessity and organized an artistic program in front of the respective home in loose order. The residents of the facilities sit on the balconies, terraces or gardens of their home. The artists perform at a safe distance in open air. By this way, the hygiene standards are observed and at the same time an entertaining program is offered. Choirs, brass music, a magician, a barrel organ player and other artistic guests have already given people with disabilities great pleasure. Further appearances can be financed with the generous donation from Indorama Ventures Mobility Krumbach.

The article was written by the Dominikus-Ringeisen-Werk Ursberg.

Cheque hand-over (from left to right): Rosa-Maria Brückner (DRW), Venere Polito (Managing Director Indorama Ventures Mobility Krumbach), Claudia Hofmann (Indorama Ventures Mobility Krumbach), Karl-Heinz Herz (Indorama Ventures Mobility Krumbach), Josef Liebl (Board Member DRW)